Angela Scalisi • Art Therapist • Artist • Advocate

Art of Connection 2016


I am proud to have had the opportunity to work within the Artist-In-Residence Progam as the first Graduate Art Therapy Candidate at Swedish Covenant Hospital from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My supervisor, Kari Lindholm-Johnson, the Artist-In-Residence, and Taylor Sabres, the Undergraduate Art Intern from North Park University, were great sources of inspiration and support. My team members were thoughful, talented art collaborators for the Art of Connection exhibition and are equally remarkable art partners with the patients, families, and staff that we work with at Swedish Covenant Hospital.
Special thanks to Swedish Covenant Hospital for supporting art and art therapy as prominent enhancements to patient centered care.


Our Installation: Gowns of Patience


Gowns of Patience explores the roles of the art therapy intern, the artist-in-residence, and the
artist-in-residence intern in developing, evaluating, and working collaboratively within the
existing Artist-in-Residence Program at Swedish Covenant Hospital. By using retired hospital gowns as our canvases, we altered and enhanced their forms to create tangible representations of our interactions with patients. Each artist's individual robes are reflections on personal connection to the patients we work with and the team environment essential to comprehensive patient care.


The Collaborators: Kari Lindholm-Johnson, Angela Scalisi, & Taylor Sabres


Our Point of Connection:
The Artist-In-Residence Program at Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL


The Artist-In-Residence Program is a complimentary service for patients based on the belief that creating art supports people being active in their healing process and can serve as a way to visualize emotions and experiences.

Swedish Covenant Hospital’s mission is to provide a continuum of excellent health care
services including stewardship, excellence, respect, value, integrity, compassion, and equality. Rooted in the Evangelical Covenant Church, the hospital is dedicated to serving the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of it’s culturally diverse communities. Swedish Covenant Hospital is committed to caring for patients as whole persons in their uniqueness through an atmosphere of professional excellence and human kindness. SCH’s commitment includes a continuous re-examination of programs and priorities of the community’s changing needs, remaining consistent with the hospital’s basic philosophy.


For more information about the Artist-In-Residence Program at
Swedish Covenant Hospital contact Kari Linholm-Johnson at
773-878-8200, ext. 4727, or email her at

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