Angela Scalisi • Art Therapist • Artist • Advocate


Art has always been the language I feel most comfortable using. In both my personal life and professional work, art plays a powerful emotional role and serves as a therapeutic tool. Often I create artwork influenced by my own medical condition and by my work as a care partner for people with Alzheimer's, cancer, and other illnesses. Based on my experiences, I've been inspired to use art as a resource for the health and wellness of others and myself.


Self-awareness and reflection are important themes in my work. Repetition and paneling of imagery are two techniques I use to express routine, and the normalcy of managing my daily life. I experiment with non-traditional materials, bits of my life that are readily accessible to me, often repurposing materials, encouraging transformation.   


The process of making art is an important part of why I create. The final artwork is a testament to that voyage. Seeing the product unfold helps to clarify and organize my thoughts, encouraging me to reflect on my experiences. Experimenting with different materials and processes is linked to what I am trying to express, my past, my present, and my hopes.


In creating my own artwork and collaborating with others, art therapy found me. The nature of my work as a therapist is patient-centered and relational, informed by my own experience but acknowledging of differences in others’ experience. The people I encounter in my daily interactions as an artist and as a therapist inspire my artistic expression. I see art as a tool to support growth and action, personally and publicly. Art is the language I choose to express emotional memory, connecting me to others in my community and in my therapeutic work.


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